Singapore: Drug Laws and The Death Penalty

Singapore, like much of Southeast Asia, has very draconian laws, particularly with respect to drug trafficking – for which, a conviction often leads to the death penalty.

Cyber War: Feds strike back with National Cyber Range project

The US government, which has faced a slew of cyber attacks in recent months, has gone on the offensive by working on National Cyber Range project, a platform that will function as a test-bed for cutting-edge cyber defense technologies and help train cyber warriors.

Bin Laden daughters among hostile interviewees

American intelligence officials in Pakistan have revealed that, apart from the three hostile widows of Bin Laden, some of his daughters were also among those quizzed by US officials in Pakistan under the watchful eyes of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Although they were interviewed as a group, only Khariraih Sabar, who is believed to be Laden's third wife and the eldest of them all, spoke up.

Bin Laden Deserved Fair Trial, Not Execution: Iran

The Secretary General of Iran’s Supreme Council for Human Rights, Mohammad Javad Larijani, said the Al-Qaeda chieftain deserved to have a fair trial rather than face a “unilateral execution” by American commandos.

Justice 'undone', says Osama bin Laden's son

Omar, 30, said he always disagreed with his father over the violent means and had sent numerous messages denouncing them and urging him to “change his ways”. But even the U.S. forces which had killed Osama have violated the international law by killing an unarmed terrorist leader without a trial, he said in statement issued by the Bin Laden family but signed only by him. The statement was the first by the family after Osama's killing.

Osama killing a 'perversion' of justice

US special operations forces killed Osama Bin Laden this past Thursday but the slaying is raising major concerns that the United States has gone too far in judge, juror and executioner of the world's most wanted man. Further more, the killing could work against the US to stir up more anti-American sentiment among radical militants.


Some British MPs uneasy about seeking regime change in Libya

Three Conservative MPs have said that Parliament should be recalled from Easter recess because Prime Minister David Cameron’s strategy in Libya is clearly designed to remove Moammar Gaddafi from power, which is not what the original intent was for the Libyan campaign, they claim.
Protesters gather near the Omari Mosque in the southern old city of Deraa

Syria arrests leading activist as unrest spreads

Syrian security officials have arrested a leading human rights activist as anti-government protests in the country enter their sixth day in defiance of the state’s strict crackdown against any form of dissent.