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'Pinkwashing' PR Campaign: LGBT Activist Slams Israel for Gay Propaganda

In an interesting development, prominent gay rights activist Peter Tatchell has signed a letter criticizing Israel -- celebrated for its gay-friendliness -- for 'Pinkwashing' or trying to project an image of a progressive state in its policies towards Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community.

Top 10 Best Paying Companies in 2012

For many Americans, 2011 ended on a somewhat pessimistic note. Income barely rose and consumers tapped their savings during the crucial Christmas season. Despite things looking ahead for 2012, chances of an economic recession have urged many people to lookout for a job with better perks.

Cruise Ship Sinking: An Imminent Wave of Lawsuits to Come

The sinking of the Costa Concordia cruise ship will be followed by months of litigation, with families of victims, wounded passengers and crew members sure to file suit against Carnival. What is the legal precedent for the maritime case?

Oklahoma Ruling Exposes Legal Issues with Sharia Law Bans

A federal appeals court's ruling against a proposed constitutional amendment to ban Oklahoma courts from using Islamic Sharia law represents more than a setback to the measure's proponents. Experts say that the decision also reveals how such laws fall somewhere between impractical and unconstitutional.

Japan to Cut Iran Oil Imports

Japan has joined the U.S. in its economic efforts to pressure Iran to abandon its nuclear program by agreeing to buy less Iranian oil.

Several Airlines Embrace CO2 Trade, Buy Permits

Several big airlines are taking advantage of European carbon law by snapping up emission allowances at bargain prices, tuning out an outcry against the scheme by many non-EU airlines and shoring up demand in a market that saw prices cut in half last year.

Islamists Seen Winners in Egypt Election

Initial results of Egypt's first free election in six decades will emerge on Thursday, with Islamist parties expecting to command a majority in parliament, hard on the heels of victories by their counterparts in Tunisia and Morocco.

Iranian Students Storm British Embassy in Tehran

In a scene of anger that looked like a replay of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, dozens of hard-line Iranian students stormed the British Embassy in Tehran on Tuesday, tearing down the Union Jack flag and flinging documents out of windows.