Israel Deploys Rocket Shield Near Egyptian Border

The Israeli Defense Force has deployed an Iron Dome air defense system in the town of Eilat to intercept and destroy rockets, days after the town along the Egyptian border came under rocket fire, a military spokesperson said Monday.

NAM Summit In Iran Likely To Reveal West’s True Allies And Foes

The upcoming Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in Tehran, quite ironically, has become a stage to gauge the member nations' stand on certain international issues, though the world's largest single political coalition doesn't promise support to any major power bloc.


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The Unofficial Alliance Of The BBC And The Guardian

In his masque in honor of chastity and free thinking, John Milton introduces to his audience the virtues of recta ratio, the ability to exercise reason and restraint in the face of temptation and libidinal desire.
Paul Ryan

Ryan Republican VP Nomination May Not Attract Jewish-American Vote

Mitt Romney's close ties with Benjamin Netanyahu and his trip to Israel were supposed to attract more Jewish-American votes this fall. But Paul Ryan's proposed budget cuts to Social Security and Medicare might push some senior citizen Jewish-American Florida residents back into the Obama column.