Apple Settles Antennagate For iPhone 4: How To Get Your Free Case Or $15 Cash Settlement for Reception Issues

Owners of Apple iPhone 4 received a legal notice on Thursday from with information about their eligibility and how to obtain a $15 cash settlement or free bumper case from the Antennagate scandal after the release of the iPhone 4, when users reported reception issues caused by the antenna. But who is eligible for the settlement refund and how does one go about to obtain it?

Kim Kardashian Wants To Date 'A Lawyer Or Businessman'

It was just last October that the world watched reality TV star Kim Kardashian getting married in a grand way and then splitting with her basketball star husband Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage. And now, she is already talking about dating someone new! According to a report in The Sun Daily, the sex-tape fame star was to apparently date a lawyer or a businessman.

Five-Year-Battle Over Brooke Astor's Estate Reaches Settlement

The five-year court battle regarding legendary New York City philanthropist Brooke Astor's will has finally reached a settlement, according to her grandson, Philip Marshall. The settlement, which is to be filed Wednesday in Westchester County Surrogate Court, sets aside $100 million for charities. The recipients of the donations include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York Public Library, New York City public schools, Carnegie Hall, Rockefeller University and a number of other importa...

High Court Signals Mandate Could Be Split From Law

At issue in Wednesday's morning session was whether the Affordable Care Act should be scrapped altogether if the court determines that the law's requirement that Americans get medical insurance violates the Constitution.


The U.S. Supreme Court building seen in Washington May 20, 2009.

Twitter Coverage of Court Gets Struck Down

A lawyer discovered how far the U.S. Supreme Court will go to close itself off from the public when it hears a case, no matter how many people on Twitter may be interested.