Tribeca Film Festival 2012 Review: Free Samples Is Refreshingly Quirky

Films seldom feature a dynamic female lead but rather present one note women with few distinguishing traits. In Free Samples, Jillian (the talented Jess Weixler) serves as an appealingly sketched anti-heroine. The fact that she is confused, unsure of her vocation, and emotional impaired, makes her strikingly realistic.

Casey Anthony’s Lawyer: Jose Baez Thanks ABC News For Paying $200,000 For Defense

Jose Baez, who was the lead attorney for Casey Anthony, for the first time publicly confessed details about ABC News' controversial payment of $200,000 to his client Casey. Baez in an interview with PBS's Frontline that aired on Tuesday acknowledged that he and his client were able to mount a successful defense only form the money his client received from ABC News. ABC News paid $200,000 large sum of money to Anthony's family only to gain the exclusive rights to photos of Casey ...