Goldman Sachs Source Leaked Apple, Intel Secrets: Reports

Goldman Sachs
A source at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. who has been neither charged nor identified in a broad U.S. insider-trading probe was heard via wiretap leaking secrets about Apple Inc. and the Intel Corp., an attorney for former Goldman Sachs board member Rajat Gupta said in court on Friday.
U.S. Soldier involved in the Afghan Massacre has been Identified

US Names Afghan Massacre Suspect

The US soldier who gunned down 16 Afghan villagers including women and children on Sunday was identified as Staff Sergeant Robert Bales.
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D'andre Lane

Bianca Jones Missing: 2-Year-Old’s Father D’andre Lane Charged With Murder

D'andre Lane, the father of missing 2-year-old Bianca Jones has been charged with murder. The Detroit child went missing on Dec. 2 after a alleged carjacking at gunpoint. Bianca had been in the back seat of the vehicle. The 2-year-old has never been found, and prosecutors believe that Lane's story was bogus. Kym Worthy, prosecutor of Wayne County told the New York Daily News that evidence exists showing that Jones was abused by her father the day she disappeared. This development ....
EnCana In Wyoming

Tiny Wyoming Town Plays Big Role In Fracking Fight

The oil and natural gas industries await the outcome of a battle between federal regulators and proponents of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking -- a debate that's already center stage in Pavillion, Wyo., where the drilling practice has raised safety concerns.
Lizzie Borden Journals: 120-Year-Old Notes Shed New Light On Murder Case

Lizzie Borden Journals: Will Lawyer's Notes Reveal Truth About Murder Case?

Borden's lawyer, Andrew Jackson Jennings, kept a meticulous record of his preparations for the trial, including never-before-seen letters and testimony, in his two leather-bound diaries. Those journals have now been donated to the Fall River Historical Society, whose curator claims they reveal the true story behind the legend, innuendo and outright lies of the Borden murder case.
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Former Cop Seeks To Represent Gristina As New Defense Lawyer

A former cop is now seeking to serve as Anna Gristina's defense pro bono after attempting to have her former attorney fired during Monday's hearing, according to NY Daily News. Peter Gleason, who has expressed that he will work for free, has willingly offered to give up his Tribeca loft as collateral in order to bail out Gristina and to house her family during the trial. When asked why he is so intent on helping Gristina, Gleason mentioned only that the two share a mutual friend.
Sara Blakely Spanx

Spanx Founder Sara Blakeley: How She Turned $5,000 Into A Billion [VIDEO]

Spanx founder Sara Blakeley recently made it onto the Forbes World's Billionaires 2012 list, following the success of her company's line of shapewear clothing products. In an on-camera interview with Forbes, the 41-year-old business mogul talks about the philosophy and life experiences that helped her succeed.
Attacking team members work to hack into a network during a drill at a Department of Homeland Security cyber security defense lab at the Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls, Idaho, September 30, 2011.

Hacker Combined Online Attacks with Petty Crime

A computer hacker-turned-FBI informant known as Sabu combined daring online attacks against governments and major companies with a life of petty crime and drugs, according to a copy of his plea agreement.


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