Jenna Talackova: Miss Universe Pageant, Donald Trump “Unjust”

Jenna Talackova, the transgender Miss Universe Canada contestant who was disqualified from the pageant last week for reportedly lying about her original gender on her application, spoke out against the pageant and its high profile organizer, Donald Trump, at a press conference on Tuesday, April 3, according to People Magazine.

Mega Millions Mess: Maryland McDonald's 'Winner’ Mirlande Wilson To Hold Press Conference

The woman behind the Mega Millions mess has lawyered up and will hold a press conference Wednesday to discuss the $656 Mega Millions jackpot. Mirlande Wilson, a Maryland resident, claims to hold one of three winning tickets for the $656 record-breaking Mega Millions jackpot. However, Wilson got herself into a bit of a Mega Millions mess when her McDonald's co-workers claimed the winning ticket was purchased with money from an office pool but Wilson said that she refused to share the money wit...


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Cheerleader Sarah Jones Pleads Not Guilty, Victim’s Family Supports Her

Sarah Jones, teacher and captain of the Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleading squad appeared in court Monday to face charges of first degree sexual abuse. Jones pleaded not guilty to sexually abusing a student and unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual or prohibited activities.
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Supreme Court Meets To Vote On Health Care Case

The Supreme Court met Friday -- in a regular, private conference -- to vote on the health care reform law case, but their ruling won't be released until June. Here's a look at the concerns potential swing votes Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy expressed during oral arguments.