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President Barack Obama Celebrates His 51st Birthday With Golf, Job Growth

President Obama is one of the youngest presidents in history, coming in only behind Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton. The 44th president is spending his birthday golfing and having dinner with the first lady at Camp David. He'll attend fundraising events across the country in the next few days in an attempt to make sure this won't be his last birthday in the White House.

Once A Moneymaker, Kaplan Is Now A Burden For The Washington Post Co

The pressures on the Washington Post Co., the sixth-largest U.S. newspaper group by circulation, are twofold: the erosion in advertising and circulation revenue of its print properties, and the plunging profit of Kaplan, its for-profit education division, as the federal government enacts more regulations.

Apple iPhone 5 Specs: Most Convincing Photo Evidence Yet Showcases Different Features From iPhone 4S [PICTURES, VIDEO]

Smartphone supply, component and repair sites like Gotta Be Mobile and iFixyouri have previously posted images and videos of alleged iPhone 5 prototypes, but never did those sites fully compare the new model to the iPhone 4S. On Friday, ETrade Supply posted a highly-detailed photo and video comparison between the iPhone 5 prototype and iPhone 4S components from Apple, which just may be the most convincing photo evidence of the iPhone 5 we have to-date.

Apple iPhone 5 Rumors: $800 Starting Price? Fat Chance [PICTURES]

Twitter was abuzz early Thursday morning with two hashtags carrying the same message: The next iPhone -- the iPhone 5 -- may cost $800. The rumors came from online gaming site GameNGuide, but unfortunately, this is the sole illegitimate source causing the confusion in today's news. Nobody knows the true price of the iPhone 5, but its starting price will almost certainly not be $800.

Why Apple Cannot Release The iPhone 5 And The iPad Mini On The Same Date

If Apple plans to release the iPad Mini to the masses at the same time as the iPhone 5, Apple could run into the biggest crowds in the history of the company. And that's not necessarily a good thing. Assuming Apple unveils the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini at the same time, will the release dates for both devices be the same?

Aly Raisman?s Overanxious Parents And Other Hilarious Parents Of Olympic Athletes [PHOTOS]

One can imagine how stressful competing in the London Games can be for Olympic athletes. But all too often, it seems the parents of athletes are the ones at the center of attention during the fierce competition, watching overanxiously in the stands as their sons and daughters go for the gold. Extreme parent reactions came into full spotlight on Sunday when the parents of Aly Raisman "stole the show," as some media reports said during NBC's coverage of her battle with Jordyn Wieber.

Apple iPhone 5 Initial Shipments Could Be Disrupted Due To Low Yield Rates Of In-Cell Touch Panels: Report

In the wake of multiple reports claiming that Apple would make its sixth generation iPhone, unofficially called the "iPhone 5," public at a special event in September, another report from Asia hit the web Tuesday, suggesting that the delivery schedule and the early shipment of the flagship smartphone might be disrupted due to low yield rates of in-cell touch panels the device is rumored to feature.