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Mexico's Drug War: A New President Outlines A New Strategy Likely To Produce Old Results

In the old days of Mexico's Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the party of President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto, a systemic culture of government corruption ensured that the drug cartels would be more or less left alone in exchange for hefty bribes at multiple levels, and as the drugs flowed north into the U.S. there was relatively little violence.

US Officials Accuse Hezbollah In Bulgaria Terror Bombing

U.S. officials said Thursday the suicide bomber responsible for a deadly attack on Israeli vacationers in Bulgaria was a member of a Hezbollah cell that was operating in the country and looking for such targets, backing Israel’s assertions.

Israel Accuses Iran Of Bus Bombing In Bulgaria

Israel accused Iran of carrying out a bomb attack that killed six people on a bus carrying Israeli tourists at a Bulgarian airport Wednesday, and vowed a stern response to Iranian terror.

TiVo Wants To Know Where You Shop, Nielsen Wants To Stay Relevant

The company that developed the first commercially available DVR announced on Tuesday that it is purchasing TRA, Inc., a marketing and analytics company whose products help advertisers know which TV commercials are the most effective based on consumers' shopping habits.

Gumby the Movie? DreamWorks Eyes Catalog Of Retro Characters

For fans of the DreamWorks Animation brand, there is a certain somber irony in its bid to acquire a catalog of pop-culture relics. The company, founded in 1994 out of a merger between DreamWorks SKG and Pacific Data Images, built its name on inventive storytelling and original offerings such as Antz, Shark Tale and Kung Fu Panda.

Head Faking The 2012 Farm Bill

With last week's hubbub over Condoleezza Rice as possible veep, you may have missed how a House Republican group took legislative action to increase government subsidies to the one percent.

Tom Hanks Takes ‘Electric City’ Series Straight To The Web

With more TV audiences viewing shows online, it makes sense creators are bypassing the traditional distribution medium and developing content expressly for the Web. Yet some might be surprised to find that film icon and veteran A-lister Tom Hanks is jumping on the bandwagon.