The New York Times

Chinese Bishop Who Defied Government Is Detained

A recently ordained Chinese bishop has been detained after he resigned from his post at the government-run Catholic Patriotic Association, which oversees the state-sanctioned Catholic church in China.

Video Shows Taliban Brutally Slaying Woman Amid Cheers From Villagers

A video of the brutal public slaying of an Afghan woman by a militant, believed to be a member of the Taliban, was caught on camera last month near Kabul, laying bare the perilously unstable law and order situation in Afghanistan, ahead of the planned withdrawal of NATO troops in 2014.

Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes' Split Reveals How Scientologists Get Divorced

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? high-profile divorce came as a surprise to some. The duo burst into a public love life with an oft-mocked appearance Cruise made on Oprah, which saw the actor hopping on couches and pumping his fists. But now their split has opened up new interest into how scientologists handle divorce.

The Far Right And Self-Hatred: Jewish Nazis And Gay Fascists

The recent revelation that a leading far-right, anti-Semitic Hungarian politician is actually of Jewish origin again brings to light the fact that many neo-Nazis and other fascists are deeply ensnared in a crippling, lifelong struggle with dealing who and what they are.