Kanye West
Did Pete Rock share the tracklist for a new Kanye West album? Pictured: Kanye West on Feb. 11, 2016 in New York City. Getty Images/Dimitrios Kambouris

On Thursday, we reported that Kanye West was recording music at home and had enough material for a new album. Now, legendary hip-hop producer Pete Rock has shared a video of him and West in studio.

The producer uploaded a few videos to his private Instagram account, which have been captured by others. In one video, Pete Rock wrote, “playing 45s in da lab with Kanye West,” in the caption.

In another clip shared by the producer, a piece of paper with what appears to be an album tracklist written on it can be seen. While there is no album title on the paper, the supposed tracklist features 14 titles, all named after video games such as “Resident Evil,” “Silent Hill,” “New Super Mario Bros.” and “Pikmin 2.”

It’s no secret that Kanye is a fan of video games and after the release of “The Life of Pablo,” the rapper said his next album would be called “Turbo Grafx 16,” the name of the NEC Home Electronics’ 1987 video game console.

The tracklist being written on a piece of notebook paper is also reminiscent of the way Kanye promoted “The Life of Pablo,” scribbling song titles on paper and revealing which artists would be featured on the album.

If West is working with Pete Rock, it’s not the first time. The two previously collaborated on Yeezy’s joint album with Jay Z, “Watch the Throne,” on the song “The Joy.”

In late-February, Kanye said he would name the upcoming album after the video game console because it was one of his favorites when he was a child. “Blazing Lazers was probably my favorite game on that console,” he tweeted. Following Kanye’s tweets, the rapper’s barber, Ibn Jasper, shared an Instagram photo of Kanye, Kid Cudi, Plain Pat and Mike Dean with a caption that read, “Turbo Grafx 16 day 1.”