Model Rosie Huntington presents a creation during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York
Model Rosie Huntington presents a creation during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Armory in New York November 10, 2010. REUTERS

Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the third film in the Transformers series franchise by director Michael Bay, is all set to make a killing at the box office by grossing $35 million on the opening day, according to reports.

Initial reviews of the movie actually give it a better rating than what the previous two movies by him. Interestingly, the female lead, Victoria’s Secret model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has garnered some mixed comments.

Brought in to fill in the controversial exit of the sexy siren Megan Fox, Huntington apparently was the perfect fit for the role. Reviewers agree that she may look like a million bucks, but it is in the acting department that she falls short.

Total Film blasted her performance saying : British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is awful – awful! – as [Shia] LaBeouf’s new love interest, sucking the life out of every scene she appears in like some pneumatic Dyson sexbot. … she achieves the unlikely feat of making Megan Fox look like a proper actress.

A DailyMail review says : Huntington-Whiteley shows up in a figure-hugging, tighty-whitey dress but she's all window dressing and doesn't exactly excel at delivering her banal lines. Poor Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She may be beautiful but she can't act for toffee.

Megan Fox was booted out of the franchise by Steven Spielberg for calling the director, Michael Bay, a Hitler on the sets, in an interview to a magazine.

Her co-star Shia LeBeouf also said that one cannot be so overtly critical of one’s director. The director himself said that she was unfocussed on the sets. The spat became ugly enough for some crew members to publish an open letter against her calling her unprofessional and unable to act amongst other things.

There is even a reference to her in the Dark Moon where they call her ‘the mean one’.

Fox insists she left the Transformers franchise on her own, with her representative telling People, It was her decision not to return. A recent SunTimes reports a source saying that she misses her role in the franchise.

Megan Fox will be seen in two upcoming comedies: Friends With Kids, also starring Kristin Wiig, Jon Hamm and Maya Rudolph, and The Dictator, starring Sacha Baron Cohen.

Transformer Games

Transormers: Dark Of The Moon PS3, Nintendo 3DS and DS video games have been released as a precursor to the movie’s release.
The games have got a mixed review with the PS3 version scoring over the Nintendo 3DS.

The new games come with a stealth mode feature which allows one’s autobots to keep blasting even when they've transformed and weaponises each Transformers’ vehicle form.

Nintendo 3DS comes with 3D, which is the novelty factor. Otherwise the game play is limited to only the vehicle mode available with the option of turning into its weaponsied form. The stealth mode in the game is no fun as the energon keeps on depleting, according to one reviewer.

The DS version allows you to play as Decepticons and Autobots. The gameplay is short and linear and the gaming time low. The graphics are ok. It gets the thumbs-up as for a game on the move.