Transistor gameplay
Combat from "Transistor." Super Giant Games

The developers in Super Giant Games have had a very good 2015. Both “Transistor” and “Bastion” managed to be successful this year, as the former has sold a million copies while the latter has sold more than three million copies.

Super Giant made the announcement in a blog post, thanking the fans for buying the games. The people in the company are proud to have made video games that resonate with gamers and are hoping to make even more that do so.

Fans unfamiliar with “Transistor” or “Bastion” should know that both games are isometric roleplaying games (RPG). Both games also feature lush graphics, each one having their own art style that look wildly different from one another.

“Bastion” was released back in 2011 and was critically acclaimed upon release. The game’s story was mostly told through world building, though it did have a smooth voice providing narration for the character’s reactions to the world. The isometric action game was originally released for the Xbox 360 and PC, but was later ported to mobile devices, the PS Vita and the PS4.

“Transistor” was released in 2014. Unlike “Batsion,” “Transistor” was already planned for a release on current-gen consoles and various computers. The gameplay was somewhat similar to “Bastion,” but with newer features and better graphics. Like “Bastion,” it was praised upon release, with its popularity leading to a mobile port.

What differentiates “Transistor” from “Bastion” – aside from a new lead and a new world – is the combat system. While players can still take out foes in real time, they can also implement a frozen planning mode called “turn,” which lets the player decide how Red should attack her foes, while also using up the action bar.

Mobile gamers who haven’t been able to play these games are in luck, as Destructoid has confirmed that they are currently on sale on iOS and Android. Both games are majorly discounted and are worth adding to any mobile gamer’s collection.

Super Giant is hoping to make more games like this in the future. Considering how well received “Bastion” and “Transistor” are, that can only be good news to fans everywhere.

Transistor - Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)