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Travel Bottles
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Imagine this. You need to get to a business meeting as soon as you land and have to freshen up after a long flight. However, not all of your beauty essentials are with you since airport security will only allow so much inside your handbag. Worry not, because we have exactly what you need.

Travel bottles can help you store the required quantity of grooming or makeup essentials in your handbag without any trouble. Airport security will not discard them and you will be set for your meeting as soon as your plane touches down. Here are seven great travel bottles for you to take on your next business trip or vacation.

1. Monster Fight Gear Plastic Travel Bottles With Flip Cap

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Monster Fight Gear Plastic Travel Bottles With Flip Cap are made of high-quality PET plastic that is BPA-free and durable, making them a safe choice for you to carry around on your travels across the world. The bottles are also super lightweight and space-saving, and you can take them with you on flights to store your cosmetics, lotion or cleansers that may not be allowed on planes in their original packaging because of their weight. With these bottles, you can zip past airport security with little hassle and with your essentials inside your handbag.

The bottle is designed with a transparent body, a flip cap and a screw mouth so it seals tight and won't leak.

2. AMMAX Leak Proof TSA Carry On Approved Refillable Travel Accessories

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AMMAX Leak Proof TSA Carry On Approved Refillable Travel Accessories has a three-layer leak-proof design that prevents liquid leakage or spillage, and offers protection to your luggage and clothes. Its opal shape ensures no liquids are stuck in the bottle corner and helps you to get everything until the last drop. The bottles also come with a zippered clear toiletry bag that's not space-consuming and easy to carry on your journey. The bottles themselves are made of FDA approved and 100% BPA free food grade silicone.

3. Uerstar Travel Size Toiletry Containers

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Uerstar Travel Size Toiletry Containers are heavy duty and space-saving three-ounce bottle containers ideal for traveling through airlines and meet carry-on standards. Their see-through quart-sized zip pouch will absolutely make your security check-in stress-free and quick. You will have no more worries of scrounging to stuff back your liquid containers into your carry-on while standing in line. With their anti-leakage design, these soft and squeezable silicone travel bottles will only dispense bottle contents when its silicone body is pressed.

4. Valourgo Travel Bottles for Toiletries

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Valourgo Travel Bottles for Toiletries help you store all your toiletries in a small bag which is easy to carry. You can save your backpack space with these bottles on any kind of journey, whether it is long-distance in an airline or shorter journeys by train. The bottles have no risk of leaking and you no longer have to worry about the risk of expensive cosmetics being wasted. They have over three ounces of capacity and are enough to carry for two to three weeks of travel.

5. Teapile Travel Bottles

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Teapile Travel Bottles are a perfect fit in your luggage and made to be durable and waterproof. They have a leak-proof design that prevents liquid leakage and offers protection to your luggage and clothes. These travel accessories are made of a soft and squeezable body with a wide mouth for easy refill and cleaning. They will help you from wasting the last drop and making your trip easy and enjoyable. You can easily put shampoo and liquid soap into the bottle.

6. Morfone TSA Approved Travel Containers

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Morfone Travel Containers is a nice assortment of travel containers in a useful zip case. The entire kit contains four bottles, four jars, two spray bottles, two scoopers, a funnel, a brush, some labels and a bag to pack them all in. The top of these travel bottles and containers are very secure and will stay sealed in your luggage while traveling. Their size is perfect for the security check at the airport. You can take different beauty products and toiletries according to your liking with this elegant kit.