Even after tropical storm Isaac weakened and moved east, its impact was still felt in Louisiana and Mississippi states as heavy rains and flooding continued Sunday.

More than a hundred thousand people in Louisiana were left without power while thousands of affected people were staying in shelters or with friends and relatives.

Entergy, Louisiana's largest power provider, said that about 160,000 of the Louisiana homes and businesses had remained without electricity and the residents were struggling under scorching temperatures, according to Reuters.

Isaac, which was the sixth named hurricane in the Atlantic storm season and was downgraded to a storm last week, is expected to hit Ohio Valley Monday. Draught-hit Ohio is expected to get heavy rains, bringing the much-needed relief from the sweltering temperatures.

At least seven people, five in Louisiana and two in Mississippi, were killed in the storm while thousands lost their homes.

President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Louisiana Monday to survey the damage while Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney visited the storm-battered areas in the state Friday, immediately after accepting his presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

New Orleans, which has vast flooding protection system in place after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city seven years ago, saw heavy flooding in areas not covered by the flood protection system.