“True Blood’s” seventh and final season hasn’t even started yet and tears are already being shed. HBO just released a brand-new promo poster for the upcoming season of the long-running vampire drama, and it’s bound to leave you speculating about the drama ahead.

The promo poster in question teases the June 22 premiere, along with a new tag line: “True To The End.” But that’s not the big shocker about the new season. What will have “True Blood” fans freaking out is the image of Sookie on the bottom.

Only the side profile of Sookie’s can be seen in the promo photo. The blonde half-faerie appears to be looking above her with her mouth slightly open … and a tear of blood trickling down her face.

Fans of “True Blood” know that vampires cry blood, not the salty tears of humans. So does this promo video hint that Sookie will be turning into a vampire by the end of Season 7? That’s one theory! However it’s important to note that the tear running down her face appears to start off as clear before transitioning into the deep red color of blood.

Check out our other theories on Sookie’s fate in Season 7:

Transitioning Into A Vampire

Sookie seems to have had a target on her back since the premiere of “True Blood.” The blonde half-faerie is always getting in trouble, but manages to get saved by the handsome men in her life. It’s possible that Sookie’s luck could run out during Season 7, but we highly doubt any of Sookie’s vampire friends would let her permanently bite the dust. One theory is that Sookie will transition into a vampire courtesy of one of her blood-sucking buddies.

Death Of A Loved One

Thanks to previous spoilers, we know that some fan favorites won’t survive the season. Sookie could be safe, but the tear she’s shedding could represent a major vampire loss in her life – perhaps Bill?

Half-Faerie Half-Vampire

Warlow’s blood was magic to vampires, giving them a chance to walk in the sun. Unfortunately he died, stripping any vampire of his magical blood.

Viewers will remember that Warlow wanted to make Sookie like him, and although he’s no longer in the picture it’s definitely possible that Sookie could still become a half-faerie half-vampire. But why would she do that? Perhaps a twist on the Hep-V virus is that Sookie’s blood is the cure.

The seventh and final season of “True Blood” will premiere on HBO on June 22 at 9 p.m. EDT.

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