Department of Defense Twitter account.
Department of Defense Twitter account. Screenshot: Denisse Moreno

The Department of Defense sent a tweet out Monday that linked social media to mental health, but users were quick to point out the agency sounded like it was referring to President Donald Trump.

"Social media postings sometimes provide an important window into a person’s #mentalhealth,” said the department’s tweet from its official account. "Know what to look for.”

The post included a link to research by the DoD Suicide Prevention Office released on Jan. 19, before Trump’s inauguration. The department said research shows “how information on social media can provide an important window into a person’s state of mind.”

“Social media platforms provide potential opportunities for individuals to connect to support or treatment they need,” the Defense Department said about mental health. “For instance, social media posts that convey messages of despair or a pattern of increasing hopelessness over a period of time could spur outreach from peers, who in turn can help connect a friend or teammate to commanders and professionals.

However, social media users linked the post to Trump, who incessantly tweets and gets in Twitter feuds with others.

“Have you look [sic] at the posts by your Commander in Chief?” said one user. “ @potus needs immediate help.”

"Medal of Freedom for whoever at @DeptofDefense was responsible for this, please,” said another user.

Others warned the DoD the Trump administration would order the department to delete the tweet, since the National Park Service Twitter account was reportedly forced to take down a retweet of a photo comparison of the stark difference in crowd sizes for Trump’s inauguration and President Barack Obama’s in 2009.

“How long until you all have to delete this?” asked a user. Meanwhile others took screenshots of the post just in case the department deletes the tweet.

“Y'all know he shut down tweets from Dept of Interior for less than this,” wrote another user. “Hope y'all survive the next purge.”