Actual TSA agents at San Francisco International Airport became suspicious of the man when they noticed him ushering a female passenger into a private booth. Authorities say they believe he took a pair of blue gloves to more resemble a TSA agent. Reuters

A California man was arrested Tuesday after being accused of posing as a TSA agent at San Francisco International Airport and groping two women.

The 53-year-old man has yet to be identified by authorities, reports San Francisco’s KPIX-TV. Authorities say he was a ticketed passenger and had initially gone through the security checkpoint. After going through security, he was seen consuming several drinks at an airport lounge.

After a few hours, authorities say the man came back to the security screening area and instructed a foreign female traveler to follow him to a private booth -- even though she had already gone through the airport's real screening process.

When the airport’s real TSA agents witnessed the man directing a second female traveler into a private booth, they questioned who he was since male agents can screen female passengers only if a female TSA agent is also present.

Police were alerted to the situation and the man was arrested. He is currently facing a charge of public drunkenness. But more charges could be added after the investigation into the incident is completed.

Authorities say they aren’t sure what happened to the first woman he persuaded to enter the private booth. They were unable to speak with her because she left the area to catch a flight.

The man was wearing khaki pants and a blue polo shirt. Authorities believe he also took a pair of blue gloves so he could better impersonate a TSA agent.