Samsung Galaxy Note 8 screen cap
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screencap: Samsung

In a continuous competition, Samsung’s latest marketing ad takes some shots at Apple and the new iPhone X, while advertising the Galaxy Note 8. The ad, called “Growing Up,” features an Apple user who experiences various issues with his iPhone models until he decides to switch to a Samsung device.

The commercial takes digs at the small size of older iPhones, iPhones with low storage capacities, iPhones without water resistance, iPhones without a headphone jack and iPhones without wireless charging.

Finally, once our subject upgrades to the Galaxy Note 8, he sees an image of his former self in a man waiting in front of an Apple Store for the iPhone X, with his hair cut in a shape similar to the top notch on the latest iOS smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been on the market since September, while the iPhone X just released to market Friday. The iPhone X brought out droves of people waiting to purchase or pick up their new devices Friday. However, the iPhone X turned out to have a lot better availability than was originally predicted. The device is expected to sell better than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which Apple released to market in late September.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that sales for the Galaxy Note 8 are also strong, with the device hitting one million units sold in South Korea.

Both companies are looking forward to the holiday season, where Black Friday deals and other discounts and bundle may make their product more appealing to consumers.