• Twitter is rolling out a new feature for desktop users
  • The feature allows users to schedule tweets or save them as drafts
  • The feature is not yet available via apps, but can also be accessed via mobile web browsers

Twitter has a new feature that lets users schedule when to post a tweet. This feature is currently available for desktop users only, but the tweets will be seen by all users across all platforms.

According to Twitter's official Support account, the social microblogging site is now rolling out a feature that allows users to save tweets as drafts so that they can save their tweet if they aren't ready to post it yet, and just get back to it when they are.

There's also a new feature that will let users schedule when they want the tweet to be posted. For example, a user wants to tweet something for the evening but might forget about it. All he needs to do is to create that tweet, schedule it to be posted at the desired time later at night, then let Twitter do the posting. Users can even schedule a tweet that will be posted a few months or years later.

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These features are accessible to those who use Twitter on desktop or via their mobile browsers. It doesn't work on mobile apps yet, but those who want to try it can do so by logging onto the web client.

Here's how to schedule tweets:

  • First, users should log into their Twitter accounts using a desktop or web browser.
  • Second, once logged in, all users need to do is Compose a new tweet.
  • Third, to schedule the tweet, users will need to click on the Schedule icon right there in the Compose menu. The icon looks like a calender with a small clock.
  • Fourth, users will be presented with the Schedule section, which includes options to set the schedule, including the month, day, year, time (hours and minutes) and the time zone. Users will, of course, not be allowed to set a schedule earlier than the current time and date.
  • Fifth, once the date is set, users will need to click on Confirm at the top-right corner of the Schedule section. Users will return to the Compose section.
  • Sixth, users will need to confirm the action by clicking on Schedule at the bottom-right. Schedule replaces “Tweet” in scheduled posts.

Those who don't want to schedule their tweets but don't want to discard them either can save them as drafts by clicking on X followed by Save. The drafts can be accessed by clicking on Unsent Tweets.