UPDATE: Twitter is back. Full service has resumed across all platforms.

Twitter users are growing increasingly frustrated after a widespread outage hit the service across all platforms on Thursday.

Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue, according to the site's status blog earlier in the day.

Reports of the outage started coming in around 9 a.m Pacific time and has affected both twitter.com as well as Twitter streams across mobile platforms and devices.

A service called Down Right Now is monitoring the outage on real time and will indicate when the temporary glitch is resolved.

In the meantime, Twitter fans have been flocking to Facebook as an alternative. Messages said: Twitter is dead, Twittered out, and Gives us some more time to read books and spend time with loved ones.

The outage comes after Twitter Inc. Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo, announced that the service will expands its ad product into 50 countries this year, Bloomberg reported. The company is predicting $1 billion in advertising revenue by 2014.