• Twitter users react after Cole Sprouse confirmed his split from Lili Reinhart
  • Sprouse confirmed he and Lili Reinhart officially called it quits months ago
  • Reinhart said her statements in her recent interview were about her depression battle, not their split

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart's fans are brokenhearted after the former confirmed their split. Many fans couldn't believe the reports that said the couple already split early this year.

Several months ago, reports about Sprouse and Reinhart's alleged split made headlines. On Wednesday, Sprouse broke his silence and confirmed their separation on Instagram. Many of their fans were upset because they were still hoping that the "Riverdale" co-stars were still together or could be getting back together, but Sprouse's announcement put an end to that.

“I’m heartbroken. Sprousehart is officially not together anymore. I hope the best for the both of them. But i’m so sad. Lili’s tweets yesterday I really thought that she was conforming that they were still together. I was so shook when cole posted that they broke up #sprousehart,” one supporter shared.

"I'll miss Sprousehart. It really broke my heart to hear you aren't together anymore. Lili and Cole are my inspiration forever. I love you both and it really doesn't matter whether you're together or not as long as you both are happy and safe. Best of luck," user Christine added.

"No more Sprousehart wish all the best for @colesprouse and @lilireinhart," another wrote.

"Sprousehart ended and today the news was given by Cole and as sad as I got with the news I think we should all reflect on: ‘Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened’ #sprousehartforever !" another fan added.

Meanwhile, some claimed that the split only strengthened their belief that love does not exist.

"Cole sprouse and lili reinhart breaking up for good is exactly why i don’t believe in love," @jess_dunn45 wrote.

"I’m really sad and destroyed ..I love Cole and Lili forever..Sprousehart fans take care of yourself #sprousehart@lilireinhart @colesprouse," another commented.

Sprouse's statement comes on the heels of Reinhart's tweet clarifying the issue in an interview she did that was taken out of context. She did an interview with Refinery and many thought she was talking about their split when she spoke about the dark days in her life that made her feel she was dying.

Reinhart made it clear that she was talking about her depression battle and her statements had nothing to do with her heartbreak.

"Quotes taken from my most recent interview are not about a 'breakup.' They are about the depression I’ve felt over these last few months. Tired of people taking my words out of context and piecing together their own story for clickbait," she wrote.

Sprouse's ex-girlfriend added that she would never talk about something like a breakup in her interviews since she thinks "that's incredibly private."

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse
Actors Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse attend the premiere of "Five Feet Apart" on March 7, 2019 in Los Angeles. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images