Uber rolled out a new mobile app last month, promising to make it easier to book a ride. However, if you installed Uber’s latest update, the company has been tracking your location the entire time.

The app update changed the way Uber collected location data from its users. Previously, Uber only collected location information while a user had the app open - now, Uber asks users to always share location with the company.

The company said it will use this information to improve drop-offs and pick-ups, which have been a major problem for Uber. Many riders were upset that Uber has been collecting location data in the background without their permission.

On Wednesday, Uber updated its app (version 3.223.1) so users can now choose allow (or not) Uber to access their location even when they’re not using the app. With the update, Uber makes it clear that “the company will collect your location when the app is open and from the time of the trip request through five minutes after the trip ends.” Uber explains it does this to “improve pickups, drop-offs customer service and safety.”

Uber received a lot of negative feedback because users found out the company was automatically collecting location data without their permission. To help solve this problem, Uber updated its iOS app to give users the ability to choose if they want to give the app permission to track location information. As to why Uber didn’t do this with last month’s update, it hasn't said. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your location data with Uber, you can choose to select “Don’t Allow.”

UPDATE: Uber has responded with the following comment:

“We’re always thinking about ways we can improve the rider experience from sharpening our ETA estimates to identifying the best pick up location on any given street. Location is at the heart of the Uber experience, and we’re asking riders to provide us with more information to achieve these goals.” ⁃ attributable to an Uber spokesperson.

If you want to turn off collection, you can also disable location services by going to your device settings. For Android, go to Settings - Apps - Uber - go to Permission - toggle “Location.” For iOS, go to Settings - Privacy - Location Service, Uber -choose “Never.”