• Ubisoft is the first major video game company to integrate NFT on AAA game
  • "Ghost Recon Breakpoint" now features NFT called Digits
  • Ubisoft's NFT integration was met with extreme dislike by fans

Ubisoft released a video earlier this week shedding light on how the company's first-ever NFT on a AAA game works. However, as soon as it went live, fans responded with savage roasts prompting the video game company to delist the announcement trailer on YouTube.

Ubisoft is the first major video game company to dip its toes into the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space as it introduced Ubisoft Quartz and Digits on "Ghost Recon Breakpoint." The announcement video uploaded by Ubisoft North America runs for more than a minute, explaining what the NFT offering is all about.

After the video went live, it was viewed 148,881 times, got 31,000 dislikes and only 1,000 likes. In response to the not-so-warm reception, the company decided to delist the Ubisoft Quartz announcement trailer; it still can be viewed by anyone who has the link.

Ubisoft Quartz Announce Trailer  Ubisoft [NA] - YouTube

Apparently, the NFT integration on "Ghost Recon Breakpoint" is still happening since the website remains live; the company has not said anything related to its cancellation or abolition. However, fans were not happy as many discovered several issues with the NFT integration.

Game developer Robert Anderberg highlighted Ubisoft's terms on the use of blockchain, which states that the company has no power to reverse or cancel transactions, and has no liability for claims or damages.

The company is also aware that Tezos, the blockchain technology it is using, "may be subject to specific weaknesses, which make them possible targets for specific cybersecurity threats." However, the terms further state that "Ubisoft has no liability in the risks implied by the use of this new technology."

On YouTube, gamers are very vocal with their dislike of Ubisoft's latest move. User farfromsubtle said, "The day Ubisoft decided they might as well go full evil," while another user, Nocash IRL said, "Imagine if Ubisoft actually put some thought on making games that people like except endlessly trying to print money."

User KipSizes expressed his disappointment by saying, "It's disheartening to fathom that this is where gaming is headed now. A whole generation could miss out on the beautiful, universal experience of simply having fun playing video games and instead be forcibly shoved into wallet-draining pyramid schemes everywhere they go."

Ubisoft Quartz is now available in Beta in the U.S., Spain, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Belgium and Australia. It will give away three drops of free Digits on Dec. 9, 12 and 15 on Ubisoft Quartz playable on "Ghost Recon Breakpoint."