• A UFO expert claims to have spotted alien city clusters on the Moon
  • Photos of the Moon were taken by NASA robotic lunar probes
  • The alleged clusters may have been caused by photo processing issues

A UFO expert believes he has spotted clusters of alien cities near the dark side of the Moon. He saw the alleged cities in NASA’s archive photos taken by previous lunar missions.

Claims about clusters of alien cities on the Moon were reported by Scott Waring of the UFO-centered blog ET Data Base. For his latest blog post, he referred to the book “Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Near Side of the Moon” by Charles Byrne.

The book features detailed and clear photos of the Moon’s surface. The images were taken by the Lunar Orbiter 4, a robotic spacecraft launched by NASA in 1967 to study the Moon from orbit. It was launched as part of the agency’s Lunar Orbiter Program, which consisted of mapping missions in preparation for crewed expeditions to the Moon under the Apollo program.

In some of the photos that Waring referenced in his post, tiny white circles clustered together can be seen on the surface of the Moon. In one of the photos, the clusters, which look like fungi, appear near the border of the Moon’s dark side.

According to Waring, the white circles are actually structures on the Moon. He believes that the clusters are the populated cities on the surface of Earth’s natural satellite.

“You will notice like I did that there are some unusual formations of white dots,” he stated in a blog post. “These are evenly spaced apart and stay close to one another. That is because you are looking at cities on the Moon.”

Based on the images, Waring said he was able to identify three types of structures within the clusters. These are the metallic buildings, the ceramic structures and the dark buildings.

Although Waring strongly believes that the white spots represent alien structures on the Moon, others believe that the clusters were made by an issue in the processing of the photos. In the forum Cosmo Quest, users discussed the possible cause between the white spots.

Some of them explained that the white spots might have appeared when the photos were cleaned and restored. Another user suggested that a photochemical error during the transferring of the film may have caused the appearance of the white spots.

Photo of the Moon taken by the LRO 4 NASA