Eva Rausing, one of the UK's richest women, was found dead in her home in the Belgravia neighborhood of London on Tuesday. Reports vary on the cause of death and a post-mortem examination is underway at Westminster Mortuary, according to the BBC. The Daily Mail reported that Rausing died of a suspected drug overdose.

Rausing, an American, and her husband Hans Rausing had a history of drug use, and the pair had faced drug charges after heroin, crack and over 50 grams of cocaine were found in their home in 2008. Hans was also arrested for drug possession on Monday and is believed to be the unidentified man currently being questioned by police about his wife's death.

Hans Rausing is the son of Hans Rausing Sr., who was the 64th richest man in the world in 2010, with an estimated net worth of $10 billion, according to Forbes. Hans and Eva Rausing were considered the airs of the Tetra Laval milk carton fortune.