Capcom officially announced Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 along with four of the new 12 characters at the Comic-Con 2011

The four new characters revealed are; Strider, Ghost 'n Goblins' villain Firebrand, Ghost Rider and Hawkeye. The game has been tweaked; eight new stages have been added. Spectator mode, online netcode improvement and character balancing have been provided.

In addition, Capcom has introduced a brand new user-interface to this Ultimate edition. The health bars, special meters and character select screen (plus more) have all been changed.

Shortly after the four characters were revealed, images of the full roster of the 12 characters started appearing all over the internet forums. The leak happened due to an apparent error in Capcom’s media site. Capcom was quick to remove the character images from its site.

The 12 characters revealed are Marvel - Ghost Rider, Hawkeye (officially released), Dr. Strange, Nova, Iron Fist, and Rocket Raccoon, On CapCom- Vergil, Phoenix Wright, Frank West, Firebrand, Strider (again officially released) and Nemes. This will bring the roster of characters up to 50 now.

Capcom has given the following statement regarding the leak: Today we announced Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for PS3 and X360 as well as the first four characters and a playable build for this week's San Diego Comic-Con. As part of that, you may have seen some of our new characters for the game pop up on the Internet a bit earlier than anticipated. We are very happy with the positive response to the lineup, but at this point we're only going to focus on the four characters (Strider, Firebrand, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye) we have officially revealed. As for the other eight additional characters, we will have a ton of info, videos, screens and playable code in the coming months. Stay tuned! (Source:

Gamers on their part are not entirely convinced that this is the official list. The reason being there are no female characters in this roster. There was a great demand for Venom after the last release but he finds no mention here. Some feel that DLCs (downloadable content) would have been as effective and cheaper.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 was released in February 2011. This new game will come less than a year after the previous release.

According to VGChartz, worldwide sales of Marvel vs Capcom 3 are about 710,000 units on PS3 and 580,000 on Xbox 360 (Source: gamersdailynews).

The game is scheduled for release in November and will be available for Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms and is priced at $40.