Blaire (Shelly Henig, left) and Matt (Matthew Bohrer, right), pictured in the Universal horror film "Unfriended," contend with a vengeful ghost. Universal Pictures

Unfriended” is still scaring moviegoers in theaters, but a sequel to the indie horror flick is already in the works. Universal has green lit the sequel – “Unfriended 2” – thanks to the relative box office revenue pulled in by the cheaply made thriller.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Nelson Greaves – the screenwriter behind the first “Unfriended” movie – is currently penning the treatment for the sequel after the go-ahead from Universal.

The first movie, written by Greaves and directed by Leo Gabriadze, tells the story of six high school friends who receive a Skype message on their computers from a recently deceased classmate. The six kids had been responsible for posting an embarrassing video of the girl at a party that led to her suicide. Soon, the group realizes their classmate’s ghost is out for revenge in the supernatural thriller.

Despite mixed reviews, the movie garnered significant attention for its found footage style approach – all the action in the film takes place on one girl’s computer screen. The result is a movie that packs in tons of scares without an inflated budget. “Unfriended” was made for a paltry $1 million, but has earned over $25 million already during its theatrical run.

That kind of profit line has studios salivating for more. It is no wonder Universal has already begun work on the sequel.

The cheap horror movie business model, though, is nothing new. “The Blair Witch Project” in 1999 famously turned a $22,500 budget into nearly $250 million in theaters. Then, just last year, “Ouija,” which was panned by critics, still made enough to warrant its own sequel thanks to low costs of production.

“Unfriended” is just the latest in a long of horror franchises that prove that cheap thrills can make for big profits.

Watch the trailer for the original “Unfriended” – currently playing in theaters – below:

“Unfriended 2” is expected to be released in spring 2016.