United Airlines announced Friday that it will install larger overhead bins on their planes to end the problems of storage, finally recognizing the problam that has faced almost everyone who has flown.

The changes, however, will not be available right away and it could be the middle of the next decade before it happens. In addition to retrofitting existing aircraft, the airline will be taking delivery of several new Airbus planes with overhead bins that have 40 percent more storage space than the older models. By the middle of the next decade the airline expects some 80 percent of its aircraft to be equipped with the newer, larger bins, United's chief customer officer Toby Enqvist is quoted to have said at a company event.

United Airlines
An orthodox Jewish man claimed that he was removed from a United Airlines flight. In this photo, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner operated by United Airlines takes off at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Los Angeles, California, Jan. 9, 2013. David McNew/Getty Images

After you purchase your tickets and board the plane, sometimes that's where the real battle can begin. There is minimal space for checking in luggage on aircraft. This can frequently make the process slower for boarding and deboarding the plane. Passengers can even fight over storage space.

In a similar move aimed at making more money from passengers, Delta Airlines earlier this month started selling a $59 a year subscription that, in addition to eight drink coupons, includes an earlier boarding. This lets people that are willing to pay more get on the plane earlier and take away storage space from lower-paying customers. The cost of the subscription is pretty cheap relative to the cost of having to pay for checked luggage on a single flight.

As with anything else, you're going to pay more for luxury, in this case, that includes storing your bags on a flight. As planes get bigger, there is going to be more room for storing luggage, but there's also a weight and balance question. The more passengers that you fit into an aircraft, the less bags you can fit. It all boils down to balance and money.

And airlines are also finding creative way to make money here!