UnREAL actors dating
"UnREAL" actors Freddie Stroma (Adam), left, and Johanna Braddy (Anna), right, are dating in real life! Lifetime

Well, this news is just... unreal. According to reports, two cast members from Lifetime’s hit summer series “UnREAL” are actually dating. But what makes this particular real-life romance so eye-widening is that the two actors who have fallen head-over-heels for one another are none other than Freddie Stroma and Johanna Braddy!

On Season 1 of the dark dramedy, Stroma portrayed the role of Adam Cromwell, a rich Brit who was cast as the seemingly-coveted suitor on the widely-watched dating, reality show “Everlasting.” Braddy took on the character Anna, who was picked by “Everlasting” producers to compete for Adam’s heart on the “Bachelor”-esque series.

[WARNING: Spoilers Ahead]

In the season finale of “UnREAL,” Adam ultimately chose Ana to be his wife. But on the day of their fairytale wedding, Anna ended up humiliating the cheating and manipulative bad boy on live television, leaving him standing alone at the alter. Then runaway bride then gave a speech to viewers about why she decided not to live a “happily ever after” with the disloyal and dumb Englishman.

Constance Zimmer, who plays Quinn, the executive producer of “Everlasting,” was the one to reveal the interesting dating news when she partook in a Periscope through Entertainment Weekly. “Can I give you guys some really insider information?” she teased. “You know sometimes those reality shows are real and people do stay together and find each other on the show.”

The camera then cut to a picture of Stroma and Braddy. “They are a couple. You guys, we made true love!” Zimmer said. “Little did you guys know that we had real love behind the scenes of our show.”

Zimmer wasn’t the only cast member excited for the twosome’s budding new romance. Josh Kelly, who plays cameraman Jeremy -- and Rachel’s (Shiri Appleby) ex-boyfriend -- quipped that he hopes their relationship is “everlasting.”

“UnREAL” was renewed for a second season in July. The series returns to Lifetime in 2016.