• E3 2021 featured some of the biggest announcements in gaming for this year and the next
  • Big industry players like EA, Microsoft and Bethesda are lining up some good game releases
  • The majority of the most anticipated games won't be releasing until 2022

With E3 2021 out of the picture and most of the biggest release announcements finished, gamers are left with a long list of titles to look forward to this year and beyond in what may just be the greatest era of gaming so far.

All of the major announcements this month, including the likes of “Battlefield 2042” and “Halo Infinite,” had given gamers plenty to wait for, but there are even more games that may have flown over everyone’s radars. Below is a short list of the other upcoming games that are set to release this year.

“Dying Light 2”

This ambitious post-apocalyptic RPG has been on the radar of zombie game fans for years. “Dying Light 2” promises to bring a living world that changes based on player decisions made during pivotal moments in the story.

The sequel offers the same combat as its predecessor but in a more refined manner; it keeps the satisfying melee combat and touches it up with an array of new tools to play with.

“Dying Light 2” is arriving on Dec. 7.

“New World”

This game has been causing a stir in the MMO community for good and bad reasons. Amazon Games’ first attempt at making an online game has seen some big changes since its first inception, but “New World” seems to be looking good so far due to continued improvements based on player feedback.

“New World” is releasing on Aug. 31.

“Twelve Minutes”

Twelve Minutes” is a top-down interactive thriller about a man stuck in a time loop, where a police detective breaks into his home, arrests his wife and beats him to death. Players must find ways to change each outcome and break the loop.

The game stars James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe in a gripping story inspired by “The Shining,” “Memento” and “Rear Window.”

“Twelve Minutes” is launching on Aug. 19.


Keeping up with the time loop idea, “Deathloop” is an FPS that’s all about learning from failure. The game stars Colt, a supernatural assassin, who is stuck in an unending time loop on a retro-futuristic island inspired by the pop culture of the ‘60s. The game is being developed by Arkane Studios, the same team behind the “Dishonored” series.

The game features Arkane’s signature style of action-stealth FPS combat infused with modern guns and magical powers. While completely playable in singleplayer mode, another player can join any game as Julianna, a rival assassin tasked with taking out Colt with extreme prejudice.

“Deathloop” is arriving on Sept. 14.

In Deathloop, players must eliminate eight key figures to put an end to the eternal time loop and escape the island of Blackreef In Deathloop, players must eliminate eight key figures to put an end to the eternal time loop and escape the island of Blackreef Photo: Arkane Studios