• "Dying Light 2" will retain the original's emphasis on parkour and hard-hitting melee combat
  • The new map in "Dying Light 2" features more vertical elements than in the first game
  • Players will have multiple new tools to aid them in combat in exploration

Techland has revealed more gameplay footage of “Dying Light 2,” the long-awaited sequel to their renowned action-horror game from 2015, featuring tidbits of the game’s story, some new characters, a look at the new open world and more of the game’s brutal melee combat.

The developers previously gave the gaming community an update on the status of “Dying Light 2,” assuring both impatient fans and haters that the game was still in development. Recently, they uploaded a nearly eight-minute-long gameplay trailer that shows exactly what the fans have wanted to see for so long.

In the “Stay Human” gameplay trailer, Techland showed off some of “Dying Light 2’s” new and recurring features. The game will have an even stronger emphasis on movement and parkour as the new city map is designed with much more vertical elements compared to Haran in the first game.

Elements of verticality are deeply rooted within the game’s design from both lore and level design perspectives. After the devastating zombie apocalypse of the first “Dying Light” game, people have started making communities on the rooftops of ruined and zombie-infested cities. Players will be hopping from roof to roof to avoid the shamblers that roam the streets.

“Dying Light 2” features the same fast and fluid parkour system as the first game but with a few exciting additions. The trailer showed a usable parachute for base jumping from skyscrapers as well as the ability to wall-run across short distances.

Combat remains as impactful and satisfying as the first game. “Dying Light 2” will present players with more options on how to approach combat scenarios. The game will provide players with tools like a “Mortal Kombat”-esque grappling hook move that pulls enemies closer as well as a number of new throwable items and ranged weapons.

Nightfall in “Dying Light 2” is deadlier than ever with the game’s new nocturnal zombie types. During the night, players will be able to raid and loot the now-vacant zombie nests for a shot at getting rare items, including what appears to be a medical solution that prevents players from turning into a zombie.

“Dying Light 2” is set to release on Dec. 7.

After a long development period, Dying Light 2 is finally nearing its official release After a long development period, Dying Light 2 is finally nearing its official release Photo: Techland