Randall, Beth
Randall (Ron Cephas Jones) opens up to Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) during Season 1, episode 7 of “This is Us,” but will it damage his relationship with his son? NBC

“This is Us” has unveiled some major character connections and plot twists thus far in Season 1, but few have been as jaw-dropping as those revealed in episode 7. NBC viewers learned several episodes ago that the entire cast is related, Rebecca and her adopted son Randall’s father have a deeper connection than they’re letting on and that both William and Jack will, in time die.

On Tuesday, the drama further explored a number of those things. As promised by producer Ken Olin, the episode, titled “The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World,” examined the relationships between many of the characters. Brothers Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) finally dove deep into the wedge sitting between them, Kate (Chrissy Metz) and boyfriend Toby (Chris Sullivan) gave love a chance by letting their guards down and Randall’s wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) attempted to get close to William (Ron Cephas Jones). In doing so, the mother of two learns a shocking secret that could rock her husband’s world.

Olin assured fans that these moments, especially the one between Beth and William, would set up for what’s to come in future episodes of “This is Us.”

“That becomes something which sets up the next few episodes,” Olin teased. “Beth learns some things that are going to eventually dramatically change a lot of the dynamics for the family.”

While Beth’s secret was certainly the biggest reveal of the night, it wasn’t the only moment that left viewers with their jaws on the floor. Here are five major plot points from “This is Us” Season 1, episode 7:

Kevin And Randall Grew Apart In Childhood:

During Season 1, episode 6 it was revealed that Randall was struggling to fit in at school. In the hopes of doing so, he started intentionally getting bad grades. In episode 7, it comes to light that Kevin was no help with Randall’s adjustment. The pair are shown fighting on more than one occasion. Eventually, Kevin creates physical distance between himself and his brother, moving into the basement.

Their Resentment For One Another Continued Into Adulthood:

Fast forward to modern day where Kevin — a former hotshot actor — is living with Randall and his family after quitting a steady acting job. Things have been somewhat tense, but never more than when Kevin learns that his brother had not been tuning in to “The Manny,” the fictional series he worked on. Their feud spills into the streets, where they fight like they did as children. Kevin and Randall are able to overcome their differences, having a heartfelt conversation while driving together. They then settle into the basement of Randall’s home, where Kevin has been moved, and bond while watching a “The Manny” re-runs.

Beth Finds A Strange Way To Connect With William:

In the hopes of helping to manage the effects of William’s chemotherapy side effects, Beth whips up a batch of marijuana-infused brownies. The pair chow down, bonding over their love of poetry and more. She opened up to him about her father’s battle with cancer, telling William that’s where she got the idea for the brownies. Beth and Randall recite a poem by Dudley Randall, the poet for whom her husband is named. William accidentally reveals that he gave Rebecca (Mandy Moore) a book of poems by the author years ago, admitting for the first time that he and Randall’s adoptive mother knew one another before hand. He nervously pleads with Beth not to tell Randall, fearing that the news will ruin his relationship with Rebecca. Beth agrees, but leaves a voicemail for Rebecca. This could mean some serious family drama is in store for “This is Us” viewers in episodes to come.

Jack And Rebecca Drifted Apart Before His Death:

Flashbacks to the 80s show Jack blinded by his work while Rebecca vies for his attention. This creates a divide between them, which grows as the days pass. One morning Jack goes to work only to realize that he “forgot to kiss her goodbye.” He shares that fact with Miguel (Jon Huertas), who “This is Us” fans believe ends up with Rebecca after Jack’s death. The father of three says that’s the first time in nearly two decades that he’s forgotten to kiss his wife, which gave fans of the show some idea of the wedge that’s grown between them.

Toby Is Over His Weight Loss Journey:

After bailing on an overeaters anonymous meeting, Kate attempted to drop by her beau’s house to apologize. In a shocking turn of events Toby, who has been losing weight rapidly — much to Kate’s frustration — reveals to his girlfriend that he’s losing his passion for health and fitness. The pair attempt a dinner together, but struggle to make it through. While Kate continues to be health conscious, Toby orders a large dessert — picked by Kate. Will this be the end of their romantic relationship?

“This is Us” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.