USS Harry S. Truman has been deployed across the Atlantic with its full crew and air wings for the first time since being pulled from service for an undisclosed repair more than three months ago. The flagship of the 6th Fleet will join other naval forces to ensure that international shipping lanes remain open and free of danger.

The Nimitz class carrier was pulled from deployment in the Middle East in August due to a reported issue with the electrical system. No details were made available about the specific repairs, but it takes a substantial issue to pull an aircraft carrier from active deployment. The rest of the battle group was reassigned to finish the deployment in the Middle East along with another group led by USS Abraham Lincoln.

USS Harry S. Truman has a crew of 6,000 men and women along with its air wings. The carrier is considered super deployable because of its nuclear power system. It is also fast and agile for a craft of its size, helping the U.S. Navy live up to its reputation for being a global police force.

The USS Harry Truman leaves the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Virginia. The aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) departs the Norfolk Naval Shipyard to conduct sea trials in this July 7, 2012, photo. Photo: REUTERS/U.S. Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kristina Young

The carrier can get anywhere in the world quickly. A vessel of this size is taken seriously in any theatre of action and in most cases acts as a deterrent.

Petty Officer First Class Mark Bergman, who is familiar with the nuclear class carrier, told International Business Times that the problems may not have been tied to the nuclear system. Speculation would be pointless because even if there were problems with that particular system, no information would be publicly shared.