• Blood can be collected from prisoners
  • NPCs can be thrown inside jail cells for blood collection
  • Prisoners must be fed for them to stay alive

Although “V Rising” doesn’t have a strict class system, players can emphasize certain playstyles by hunting down NPCs with certain blood types.

Vampires will naturally have to feed on the living to keep themselves alive, but doing so also has the added benefit of gaining powerful passive effects, depending on the type and quality of blood consumed.

Lowering an NPC’s health to 30% or below will allow players to feed on them. This will replenish their Blood Pool back to max and change their blood type to whatever the NPC had.

Blood types are not permanent. Once the Blood Pool runs out, players will have to feed on someone or something else, which will cause their blood type to change. However, there is a way to store blood to help keep some form of consistency regarding player builds.

To save certain blood types, players will need to unlock the Jail Cell castle building.

Jail cells will let players capture NPCs and use them as renewable blood source. This is perfect for saving high-quality blood for later use.

After building a cell, players will need to use the Dominating Presence power on a low-health enemy to charm them. Then, the dominated NPC can be shoved inside a prison cell where they’ll spend the rest of their days as livestock.

Players can harvest consumable items containing the NPC’s extracted blood using empty glass bottles. Take note that doing this will cause the NPC’s health to go down and their Misery stat to go up.

Misery will increase the damage NPCs take whenever blood is extracted from them. Taking their blood twice in a row will kill them even if they have full health. Misery can be reduced by feeding prisoners fish, and health can be replenished by feeding them rats.

Going on abduction runs at night is highly advised, especially once players get the Blood Hunt power that will let them immediately see the blood quality percentage of targets before engaging them. Make sure to have a base or a dedicated prison near human settlements to make abductions easier.

Vampires converting humans into thralls in V Rising
Vampires converting humans into thralls in V Rising Stunlock Studios