• Horses spawn around Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills
  • Players can claim a horse as soon as they see one
  • Beware of horse thieves

The world of “V Rising” is large, and players will have to do a lot of back-and-forth traveling between their bases and the many points of interest littered around the map.

Though the Wolf Form power gives a decent boost to movement speed, this pales in comparison to the speed of a well-trained horse. Having a horse to ride on while exploring can easily cut down travel times significantly compared to just using the plain wolf mode.

How to get a horse in “V Rising”

New players will have to stick with the Wolf Form power until they reach the Dunley Farmlands, which is found just north of the Farbane Woods.

Dunley Farmlands is full of small towns, military camps and, predictably, farmhouses. Some of these establishments may contain farm animals, from cows and sheep to well-bred horses.

To the east of the Dunley Farmlands is a race track where players can find at least a few horses that they can take back home. It’s also a good place to practice how to ride them since horses in “V Rising” handle like tanks.

One tip players should keep in mind is to use the auto-run feature and hold down the right mouse button to have better control over a horse’s movements.

Luckily, players don’t need to do much in order to ride a horse. Simply approach one and hold the interaction button to mount up. No need to bring the horse back home for conversion or craft any saddles as every horse is ready to go the moment players reach them.

However, players do need to supply the horse with a few canteens of water. Fail to do so and the horse will eventually die of thirst. Water canteens are very easy to craft though, and each one will give the horse a couple of extra hours of life.

Each horse also has different stats. Some may be faster, while others might have higher health or better turning rates.

Take note that as of the early access version of “V Rising,” there is no way to prevent players from stealing each other’s horses, even in PvE servers. It’s best not to get too attached to one horse unless players are conquering Vardoran alone or on a private server with friends.

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