• Wandering traders can be encountered on the roads of Dunley and Farbane
  • One merchant is permanently set up inside Brighthaven
  • Players need a disguise and silver resistance before buying anything from vendors

The world of “V Rising” is full of resources to gather and loot to plunder, but there are some things that can only be obtained by directly interacting with Vardoran’s denizens. This can be problematic since people don’t take kindly to vampires.

It might not be obvious at first, but players can buy from merchants in “V Rising” so long as they meet certain conditions.

The first condition is to appear human. Players can do this by consuming Beatrice the Tailor’s V Blood. This will unlock the Human Form power, the Tailoring Bench station and a few other crafting recipes.

Human Form will give players a disguise that they can use to slip past most humans, but there are a few enemies who can sniff out a vampire’s scent regardless of their camouflage. These are usually boss-type enemies and some elites at Silverlight Hills.

After obtaining Human Form, players will need some way to resist the damaging effects of silver. This is important because traders only accept silver coins as payments for their wares. Damage from silver can be mitigated by drinking Silver Resistance potions or wearing certain capes; the former is typically more reliable and accessible.

Once these conditions are met, players will be able to trade freely with one of the few merchants in the game.

There are traveling traders in Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands. Farbane’s trader can usually be spotted around the northern part of the region, while Dunley’s traveling merchant can be found roaming the roads around Dawnbreak Village.

The other trader in the game is Ottar the Merchant, who has a shop in Brighthaven Slums. Unlike the first two traders, Ottar can always be found in the same spot, although this doesn’t necessarily make him easy to approach since Brighthaven is full of high-level enemies.

Players can buy rare items like Highland Lotus seeds, Ghost Shroom spores and a variety of hats from the traders. However, the items are very expensive. Players will need to find a way to get and carry copious amounts of silver before trading with the merchants.

V Rising features fast and frantic action from a top-down isometric perspective
V Rising features fast and frantic action from a top-down isometric perspective Stunlock Studios