• Soul Shards can be obtained by defeating powerful bosses
  • The Eye of Twilight will highlight the location of each Soul Shard
  • Other players can claim these Soul Shards for their own, denying it from others

Soul Shards offer some unique and powerful passive buffs to players who own them in “V Rising.” Unfortunately, grabbing these items will take some time, as they are locked behind the game’s most difficult content.

Before players can even see Soul Shards, they must first unlock the Eye of Twilight, a building that’s specifically designed to track shards across Valdoran. The recipe for this building can be unlocked by going through the journal quests.

To craft an Eye of Twilight, players must spend four Gold Ingots and four Spectral Dust.

Gold Ingots can only be smelted once Azariel, the boss at Silverlight’s Brighthaven Cathedral, is defeated. He will unlock the recipes that can convert Gold Jewelry into ingots at a Furnace. Meanwhile, Spectral Dust can be collected from Banshees.

How to find Soul Shards

Once the Eye of Twilight is placed, players can then use it to see where Soul Shards can be found on the world map.

There’s one catch: Soul Shards are protected by powerful boss enemies, or worse, other players.

Unclaimed Soul Shards can be obtained by defeating their guardians. The player who manages to take a Soul Shard home after defeating its protector will be able to share its benefits with everyone else in the clan.

On the other hand, Soul Shards under the protection of other players can only be obtained by force. Much of “V Rising’s” endgame PvP revolves around Soul Shard control, and some PvE clans make collecting all Soul Shards their goal for their respective servers.

“V Rising” Soul Shard Effects

Each shard has unique effects that depend on its overall theme. Here are the available Soul Shards and their respective effects:

  • Soul Shard of Solarus – +50 Sun Resistance, +5% Melee Speed, +10% Melee Power
  • Soul Shard of Behemoth – +50 Magic Resistance, +5% Movement Speed, +20% Resource Gathering
  • Winged Horror Soul Shard – +50 Fire and Silver Resistance, +10 Spell Power, +5% Spell Critical Hit Chance

Each Soul Shard can be obtained by defeating the bosses mentioned in their names.

To activate the effects of these shards, they must first be placed within a base and then interacted with by players. They will grant their respective buffs for two hours.

V Rising features fast and frantic action from a top-down isometric perspective
V Rising features fast and frantic action from a top-down isometric perspective Stunlock Studios