• Gear Score is improved by equipping stronger items
  • Enemies sometimes drop blueprints for Merciless gear
  • Blood and consumables can also increase Gear Score

In “V Rising,” a player’s power is measured through the equipment they equipped and skills they unlocked. Though power level doesn’t amount to much in PvP, it means everything when fighting NPCs.

Progression can be painfully slow early on in the game, especially if players are exploring the world alone. Fighting mobs, gathering resources and converting them into actual gear is a time-consuming process, especially when stacked on top of base management.

Here’s a quick guide to progress through the different power tiers and raise gear score in “V Rising.”

How to raise Gear Score

Gear Score reflects the total of the power levels of every item a player is using. Upgrading weapons, armor and trinkets will naturally contribute to the player’s Gear Score, but this is easier said than done.

Like in many other RPGs, the grind for better gear is one of “V Rising’s” core gameplay pillars. Players can make their way from Bone-tier equipment to Darksilver and above by gathering materials, crafting items and conquering bosses in the game’s five main regions.

Jumping from one equipment tier to another often results in a big boost in Gear Score. However, since enemies have their own power levels, fighting them while underleveled is often a death sentence.

To help with the grind, players should try to farm one or two boss camps in hopes of getting recipes for Merciless versions of their current equipment. The improved versions have slightly higher Gear Scores than their base counterparts, and they also provide decent buffs to base stats.

For the early game, the Bandit Copper Mine camp is a great place to farm Merciless copper equipment recipes. Afterwards, players can farm the Haunted Iron Mine for Merciless iron recipes and the rare General’s Soul Reaper blueprint from the Undead Commander deep in the cave.

A full set of Merciless gear will provide one extra point in the player’s total Gear Score on top of its other benefits.

Lastly, keep in mind that the Tier II Brute blood bonus grants an additional gear level, so try to find a Brute with 25% blood quality or higher before fighting a boss.

V Rising features solid isometric combat with fast and responsive controls
V Rising features solid isometric combat with fast and responsive controls Stunlock Studios