• Solo players should avoid building on top of cliffs to prevent encroachment
  • Always secure a castle's borders with walls and gates
  • Custom PvP servers are often friendlier to solo players in terms of progression

Many of the default settings in “V Rising” incentivizes players who band together, but it doesn’t necessarily keep lone vampires from exploring the world of Vardoran on their own.

Playing solo in “V Rising’s” multiplayer servers is completely viable, though there will be some not-so-obvious drawbacks to this. For those who want to conquer Vardoran without relying on others, here are a few tips.

Always secure base entrances

The first thing solo players will want to do is create a secure base perimeter. Do not leave a base exposed as other players can and will try to steal resources from others regardless of game mode. Even a basic wooden base is enough to deter would-be thieves from stealing materials from chests and crafting stations.

Additionally, always keep the Castle Heart inside a base’s walls to prevent others from de-powering the entire base.

Don’t forget to use Vampire Storage chests as well. Unlike the usual chests, these ones can only be opened by their owners.

Try trading

Many players in PvE servers encourage each other to trade rare goods without necessarily forcing anyone into a clan. This is a great way to establish some friendly relations with people on the server while also getting access to recipes like Merciless armor pieces or specific potions and brews.

Avoid building on high ground

When setting up a base, do not build on top of large cliffs. Other players might build their own bases on the lower levels, and if this happens, access to and from one’s own base might get denied.

Instead, build near the ramps or stairs that lead up cliffs or just pick a large patch of flat land somewhere else. This should lower the chances of encroachment from other players.

Join special PvP servers

Those who want to duke it out with other vampires may want to try joining custom servers instead of official ones. Some servers let players start out with high-tier equipment and most powers and abilities unlocked. This is great for those who want to skip most of the game’s PvE content and go straight to endgame PvP skirmishes.

A cozy stone coffin on top of a castle in V Rising
A cozy stone coffin on top of a castle in V Rising V Rising