• "Valheim" is the latest action-adventure game from Iron Gate
  • It is currently available on Steam Early Access
  • Here's everything players need to know about Sunken Crypts in "Valheim"

"Valheim" offers a wide range of biomes that holds secrets, enticing players to further explore the vast world. Some of these biomes are veiled with mysteries, while others are necessary for character progression. Sunken Crypts area mong this, and in this guide, players can learn where to find and how to unlock these submerged chambers.

What Are Sunken Crypts

These are small, dungeon-like chambers similar to that of Burial or Troll Caves. Players who have not done their homework will discover that Sunken Crypts are unlike other dungeons. These chambers are locked, and players have to do something first so they would be able to access them.

Location: Where To Find Sunken Crypts in "Valheim" And How To Access Them

As soon as players defeat The Elder, Hugin, Odin's raven will direct them to the Swamps. Players will encounter powerful villains and could stumble upon a Sunken Crypt. Unfortunately, worlds within "Valheim" are procedurally generated, which means there are no certain spawn areas for the submerged chambers.

A Valheim player overlooks a fortified base in the middle of a lake
A Valheim player overlooks a fortified base in the middle of a lake Valheim Steam Page

However, Sunken Crypts are easy to spot, and players can identify them by the huge green torches surrounding its closed iron gate. It appears like a mausoleum veiled in the green glowing light. To access the Sunken Crypt, players need the Swamp Key, which they could obtain after defeating The Elder.

Inside The Blocked Sunken Crypt

Muddy Scrap Piles block off every room inside the Sunken Crypt. While it may look useless on the surface, breaking these piles rewards players with Leather Scrap and Scrap Iron. These piles can also offer Withered Bones, crucial for spawning the third boss Bonemass. Other rooms could contain random chests which could have valuable items.

This includes gold coins, Amber and Ruby. There is also a high probability that Body Piles or a Rune Stone are available. These are essential in pinpointing the precise location where Bonemass spawns. But, considering the kind of loots available within Sunken Crypts, getting these loots is not an easy task. Players can encounter several enemies in the tunnels. These include Draugr Elite, Blobs and Draugr. In this case, players should equip themselves at least with Bronze weapons and armor.