• "Valheim" has other biomes that some players have not yet explored
  • One of these is the Deep North, which is a freezing icy land
  • Floating ice sheets on its shores could be a danger to sailing ships

Beyond the Black Forests, Meadows, Swamps, Oceans and Plains, there are other biomes in "Valheim" like the Mistlands, the Ashlands and the Deep North. The Ashlands is a barren wasteland of ash and fire, while the Mistlands is a creepy biome veiled in spiderwebs. The Deep North is a freezing icy land, and here are other important things players should know about this biome.

Exploring The Deep North

The Deep North is a snowy, freezing biome in "Valheim." it is barren of any resources aside from the usual rock mound. On its shores, players could see sheets of floating ice, which is a danger to sailing ships. During higher altitudes, this biome could transition into the Mountain biome.

Aside from creatures moving beyond nearby Mountains' borders, no creatures are spawning in the Deep North. This biome is possibly an allusion to Niflheim, the Norse mythology domain found in the north and made of ice. At the time of this publication, it is obvious that this area is still incomplete.

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However, "Valheim" players believe that it could be one of the next locations after beating the final boss Yagluth. When in this biome, wolf armor or cape is not enough to prevent frost damage, especially when players are wet. It is important that they craft some Frost resistance mead when venturing into this part of the world since the weather in this part is unpredictable.

Some players claim to have found lots of Obsidian at the cross point of a mountain biome to the Deep North. For the uninitiated, obsidian is an item that is used to unlock the Tool shelf upgrade for a workbench and other elemental arrows. The game developer might soon roll out content to this biome, possibly a new ice boss or a new material that players can use in building structures.

"Valheim" is currently available on PC through Steam Early Access. The game reached another milestone as it sold 5 million copies in just a month. Aside from that, it is also in the top five list of most played Steam games of all time.