• Brutal indie survival-action RPG “Valheim” was released in early access on Feb. 2
  • Players will have to beat the first boss of the game in order to get the necessary materials
  • Farming requires players to craft a Smelter, a Forge and a Cultivator

Securing food is essential in the cruel and unforgiving world of “Valheim.” Players will have to make use of every available resource in order to survive in this Nordic realm, but with the sheer amount of items that aren't immediately available, things can get confusing.

Like in many survival games, “Valheim” players can hunt, forage or farm for food. Hunting and foraging are simple enough, but planting seeds with farming tools will require players to acquire several items first.

In order to start planting seeds, players will need to first craft a Smelter, an advanced crafting station that’s needed to produce metal tools.

Crafting a Smelter early in the game can be somewhat difficult. It needs 20 Stone and five Surtling Cores. While there are plenty of stones everywhere in the world, Surtling Cores are only available in the Black Forest biome, which can be done after beating the first boss Eikthyr.

Be careful, as the enemies in the Black Forest are more difficult to deal with and come in greater numbers than the ones in the Meadows. Make sure to be fully rested and equipped with your best equipment before setting out.

Once players reach the Black Forest, they will have to look for tunnels that lead underground and into Burial Chambers.

After the cores are collected and a Smelter is crafted, players will need to craft a Forge and place it near their primary Workbench.

To unlock the Cultivator recipe, Bronze needs to be crafted using Copper and Tin in the newly-created Smelter. Afterward, it’s simply a matter of collecting enough materials for the tool itself.

The Cultivator works similarly to the Hammer. First, put the tool on your hotbar and equip it. Then, click the right mouse button to open up a menu and select “Cultivate.” This will allow you to turn the ground into farmable soil.

To plant seeds, open up the Cultivator’s right-click menu again and select the desired type and number of seeds to be planted.

Iron Gate AB, the game’s developer, has promised at least four major updates for “Valheim” this year, including new biomes and more challenges, according to The Gaming Reporter. These updates are Hearth and Home, Cult of the Wolf, Ships and the Sea and a biome called Mistlands.

A Valheim player overlooks a fortified base in the middle of a lake
A Valheim player overlooks a fortified base in the middle of a lake Valheim Steam Page