• “Valheim” players are tasked with defeating four different boss monsters known as the Forsaken
  • Each Forsaken resides within different biomes and has its own summoning requirements
  • The first boss, Eikthyr, can be fought in the Meadows after sacrificing deer trophies at its altar

The world of “Valheim” is ripe with danger, but among the game’s many monsters, none of them stand out as much as the Forsaken do. These enemies function as the game’s bosses. They’re bigger, badder and significantly more awe-inspiring than everything else players will encounter in the wilds.

Valheim” players who want to hunt these bosses will have to summon each of them manually. Unlike the common skeleton or greydwarf found in the realm of Valheim, the Forsaken will only appear once certain offerings are made at their respective altars.

Eikthyr, the first of the Forsaken, can be found in the Meadows biome, which is the starting location of the game. Odin’s messenger ravens will guide “Valheim” players to the Sacrificial Stones located at the spawn point. Interacting with Eikthyr’s sacrificial stone will pin the location of its boss altar on the players’ map.

After traveling to the altar’s location, players will notice a large stone tablet with runic inscriptions. The stone will direct players to sacrifice Eikthyr’s kin to the altar in order to summon him.

Players will need to hunt two deer and offer their trophies at Eikthyr’s altar. Keep in mind that deer get frightened easily, so it’s best to take a stealthy approach. Hunting them with a bow can make this step much easier than trying to go for melee attacks.

As the first boss of the game, Eikthyr isn’t terribly difficult to defeat. However, its high damage attacks may catch players off guard, especially those with low max health values.

It’s best to prepare the right gear and buffs before starting the fight. A wooden shield can help block incoming damage and a flint spear will make quick work of Eikthyr’s health bar. The boss’ slow attack animations also make it easy to dodge, and a wooden bow with plenty of arrows can make this boss fight a breeze.

Defeating Eikthyr will reward “Valheim” players with their first Forsaken power that can be activated on the corresponding sacrificial stone back at the spawn point. This will also open up new areas to explore and new challenges to face.

Valheim player approaches an altar
Valheim player approaching an altar Valheim Official Website