• "Valheim" is available on Steam Early Access
  • It offers an expansive map with a lot of items and materials that players could use
  • For those looking for ways to tinker with silver, this guide could come in handy

Silver is a precious and rare resource only available in the hardest spots of "Valheim." Players can use silver to forge great tools and excellent equipment like the Wolf Armor. In this guide, players learn how to obtain this rare resource, find abundant deposits, and convert silver ores into bars.

Where And How To Find Silver in "Valheim"

Players can find Silver in the Mountain Biome using a Wishbone. To find this rare resource, players must first summon and defeat the Swamp Biome's boss Bonemass, who drops the Wishbone. For those who already have a Wishbone, all they have to do is just equip it.

Each time players pass through a silver deposit underneath them, they will hear a sound and see a green glow. These hints suggest that players should take out their tools and begin digging until they see the ore. To mine the silver easily, players should use the Pickaxe.

Valheim player crafting better gear on an improved Workbench
Valheim player crafting better gear on an improved Workbench Valheim Release Trailer

How To Convert Silver Ore to Bars

The only way to convert silver ores into bars in "Valheim" is by smelting. Players mine silver in its raw form or as silver ore. To make silver bars, players need to build a smelter, which can be created with five Surtling Cores and 20 Stones. The smelter must be properly positioned near a workbench and filled with coal to fire it up.

Silver Recipes

The Wolf Armor is an anti-freeze set crucial for players' survival in the game. For this, they will need 4 silver bars, a chain, four Wolf fangs, 16 wolf pelts and a wolf trophy. If players want to create a Lox Cape that goes with the Wolf Armor set perfectly, they need two silver bars and six Lox pelts.

There are other items that players can create using silver. This includes Fand Spear, Drake Helmet, Silver shield, Silver sword and Frostner. To craft the fang Spear, players need four Wolf fangs, two leather scraps, two silver bars and ten Ancient Barks.

Players need 20 silver bars, two wold pelt and 2 Drake Trophies if they want to create the Drake Helmet that grants 20 armor. To forge a silver shield, players need eight silver bars, and ten fine wood, while two wood, 40 silver bars, three leather scraps and five iron bars are needed to forge a silver sword.

For those who want to create the Frostner, a hard-hitting hammer, they need several ingredients. This includes five Ymir flesh, five Freeze Glands, ten Ancient Barks and 30 Silver bars.