• Players can fly in "Valheim"
  • It can be done using cheats
  • Players can also try it without using debug mode

"Valheim" is a survival action-adventure title that has taken the gaming world by storm. Players need to survive the brutal procedurally generated environment to beat the game. Unknown to many players, however, there's a way for them to fly over the game's vast environment.

How To Fly Using Console Commands

It is important that players save the game first so they could just go back to it when something goes wrong along the process. To activate the fly feature of "Valheim," players need to start pressing F5 to enable the console command. It would take almost half of the screen so players need to position their in-game character in a safe place.

After that, players need to type "imacheater" and hit enter to enable or disable cheats in "Valheim." Players would see the next command line "Cheats: True," confirming that the cheat is enabled in the game. The command line "Cheat: False," on the other hand, indicates that the cheat is disabled.

'Valheim'; the latest hit video game set in the vital and violent world of the Vikings
'Valheim'; the latest hit video game set in the vital and violent world of the Vikings AFP / Kilian FICHOU

Players then need to key in "debugmode" and press enter. To make sure that they key in the correct cheat, players should always check the command line true or false. With the fly feature of "Valheim" has been activated, players can exit the console command by pressing F5 again. To activate the fly feature, players should press Z.

With the fly feature activated, "Valheim" players can fly and travel around the map safely without encountering enemies. This should offer players a lot of fun especially while they are waiting for the next content that the Hearth and Home update would introduce.

However, it is worth noting that this the fly feature would not work on a multiplayer server. The console command for the debugmode will not work when playing with friends.

How To Fly Without Using Debug Mode

For those who would like to try the fly feature but would not want to use cheats, they can still do so by doing the following steps.

First, players need to first hit an ally Viking using an Abyssal Harpoon. After that, they need to build a ramp to slingshot the player who wants to fly into the atmosphere. Players can use solid objects like a chair to comfortably place the character and also prevent themselves from being dragged along.

This option would enable the player in the chair to fly momentarily across the map. However, this option might kill the Viking because of the damage he might incur from falling.