• "Valheim" features a lot of dangerous creatures, including trolls
  • There are two kinds of trolls that players will encounter in
  • Here are the tips and tricks on how to hunt and kill trolls

Over the course of the player's adventure through "Valheim's" world, they will come across all kinds of disturbing, dangerous and lethal creatures. Among the most formidable enemies, Trolls pose the greatest threat. This article might come in handy for players wondering how to hunt, battle, defeat, and kill trolls attacking a base.

How to Find A Troll In "Valheim"

Finding trolls in "Valheim" is not extremely difficult if players know where to look for them. Trolls usually spawn somewhere in the edges of the Black Forest. Players will not have a hard time identifying them because their blue color and enormous size just stand out. If a troll has not yet surfaced, players can run around the forest or continue to wonder until a troll comes out in the distance.

Kinds of Troll

"Valheim." One is the Forest Troll, which has a distinctive green color and dwells around the Camp Ruins. They move comparatively slow and they do not chase the prey for too long. This type of troll is easy to avoid.

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The other type is called the Mountain Troll. Unlike the Forest troll, this one is blue in color and stays in highly elevated mountains. Mountain Trolls run at longer distances and when they spot players, they will definitely chase them for a long time.

How To Defeat Trolls

Players should run far away from the troll when the chase starts. When players are far enough, the troll would stop the chase and return to their area. Players should stack up Flinthead or Flaming arrows and craft a Crude Bow. If players have access to a Fine Wood Bow, it would be perfect.

With ample supplies, players should return to the troll's location. When the troll is in sight, players should maintain a distance of around 20 to 30 meters away from the creature. They should not jump or run to save stamina and instead begin firing arrows. Players should launch ranges attacks and ranged weapons to deplete the troll's health. When the troll gets close, players should jog away and continue to launch ranged attacks until the troll is defeated.