• "Valheim" allows players to build structures
  • Wood and stones are great resources for building structures
  • Here are some advanced tips on how to unlock stone building in "Valheim"

"Valheim" players planning to upgrade their shelter can unlock the ability to use stone and construct furniture and structures. This guide would come in handy for those looking for ways on how to access stone building ability.

How To Unlock Stone Building In "Valheim"

While stone is an easy material to find in the game, constructing stone buildings requires additional tools like the stone cutter. However, this only becomes available when players can access iron and entails a workbench nearby. A stone cutter is a bench necessary for players who want to level up their construction ability. Like the workbench, players can interact with it and it will introduce stone floors, walls, stairs, arches and pillars in the player's build menu.

How To Get Stone Cutter

Before crafting a stone cutter, players need to find iron in "Valheim," iron, which is quite ample in Muddy Scrap Piles in the Sunken Crypts in the Swamp. These are locked, and the key will only be available after players defeat the first boss named The Elder, which drops the Swamp Key.

Valheim player crafting better gear on an improved Workbench
Valheim player crafting better gear on an improved Workbench Valheim Release Trailer

With iron is on the inventory, players need Wood x10, Iron x2 and Stone x4. Besides stone structures, unlocking the stone cutter adds lots of new recipes in the player's crafting menu, including the sharpening stone. This item is required in creating the grinding wheel.

The grounding wheel is one of the items players need to upgrade their forge. To craft the sharpening stone, players need five stones, while crafting the grinding wheel requires five Wood and one sharpening stone.

While stone buildings are strong, there is a little bit of a trade-off. Since stones are heavier than wood, creating a stone building would require a stone foundation to support it if built above ground level.

A stone foundation can support wooden pieces, but not the other way around, regardless of the quantity and reinforcement. Additionally, while it is true that stone buildings are far more durable than their wooden counterparts, stone buildings do not offer additional stability.

"Valheim" is now available on Steam Early Access.