• Vanessa Hudgens shared a new sexy picture online
  • She shares hot pictures of herself every Thursday on Instagram
  • The actress got two new tattoos after splitting from her boyfriend

Vanessa Hudgens has the habit of posting sexy pictures of her every week in what she calls her “Thirsty Thursday” posts. The actress and singer recently shared such a post online and joked about doing it even though it was not Thursday.

Hudgens wore a skimpy dress and put on some makeup for a new picture she shared on her Instagram page on Tuesday. “No. It’s not Thursday. Lol,” the actress wrote in the post.

The picture shows Hudgens posing in front of the bathroom mirror. She is surrounded by bags full of clothes, which suggests that she was either travelling or trying out clothes from her bags.

According to People, the shiny green top that Hudgens wore in the photo is from Saint Laurent. She wore black underwear briefs, and she finished the look with curly hair and red lipstick.

Hudgens broke up with her boyfriend Austin Butler in January after eight years in that relationship. She not linked to anyone currently and has been enjoying the single life by engaging with her fans on social media.

The previous Thirsty Thursday post that Hudgens shared on Instagram was about her getting a new tattoo. The tattoo she got was that of a naked angel, which she called “Devine feminine angel” in her post.

Hudgens got two tattoos on her body after she split from Butler, Page Six reported. The first one was a sunflower that she got inked on the side of her breast.

After the split, Hudgens has been spotted in public with Los Angeles Laker star Kyle Kuzma and actor Dharon E. Jones. However, there is no confirmation yet that she has started dating again.

Apart from the sexy posts, Hudgens has also been sharing some cute and fun videos with her fans. Her most recent post shows her with some star-shaped stickers over her eyes.

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens will be completing the judges' panel for “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 14. Pictured: Hudgens at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 21, 2015. Reuters/Steve Marcus