Fast-growing technology site The Verge, which just launched last year, has vastly amped up its stable of writers during the last couple of months. Today, the blog's editor-in-chief formerly announced the aquisition of some the best technology bloggers on the Web.

In the span of just a few months, The Verge has added several talented technologists including former editor of Scott Lowe, former Engadget editor and Switched writer Amar Toor, former PC World reviews writer Nate Ralph and former writer at Motherboard of Vice Josh Koptsein have all joined the team.

The blog has also looked within its existing infrastructure for great writers. Evan Rodgers, a member of The Verge forums who'd been writing regularly on the site, has also been brought on board as an official writer. In addition to Rodger, former Wired and Snarkmarket writer Tim Carmody will be joining the team. Rounding out the string of acquisitions is Ben Popper, the former founding editor of Betabeat and a VentureBeat alumnus.

The Verge, which is owned by Vox Media, has established itself among some of the most popular technology news outlets on the planet. Editor-in-chief Josh Topolsky and publisher Marty Moe appear to be spearheading an organization that embraces the latest developments in technology. Even the company's gadget video reviews stand out among the thousands available on the internet for their unique angles, conversational narration and quick cuts.

I couldn't be more pleased to welcome them to the crew, wrote Topolsky in the official announcement. In the upcoming days and weeks, you can plan on seeing in-depth reporting and thought pieces from both, and the whole team is excited to collaborate with them on evolving what The Verge does.